Introduction: Catch the Egg - Game

About: Electronics hobbyist

Tired of making some serious electronic projects? Yay, even I am. Let's design a game and have some fun with it.

This is a game built with all basic electronic components and microcontroller. I hope you'll enjoy doing it!

Step 1: Components Required

1. Atmega 328p

2. Breadboard

3. Crystal Oscillator (16MHz)

4. IC 7805

5. Capacitors; a. 22 pF; b. 10uF

6. Piezoelectric buzzer

7. LEDs

8. Resistors (220 Ohm, 1k Ohm)

9. 9V Battery or equivalent DC Supply.

10. Push buttons.

Step 2: Pin Configration

1. Atmega 328p: Refer the pin diagram shown in the figure.

2. IC7805: Refer the pin diagram shown in the figure. Remember to add the 10uF capacitors in both input and output sides. These capacitors avoid spikes and act as filters.

3. LED: Refer the schematic, and add the 220Oh resistors in series if required.

4. Push buttons: Remember to use the pull-down resistorsin order to avoid the floating values as input.

Step 3: Circuit Development

Note: Use the Arduino IDE and upload the code to the microcontroller before mounting on the breadboard (Plug it into Arduino UNO board and get the code uploaded).

1. If you are a newbie to deal with microcontrollers before going to the actual schematic, kindly refer the standalone configuration of Atmega 328p shown above.

2. Refer the Schematic for the complete circuit, be cautious while building the LED matrix such that the polarity order is followed.

Step 4: Source Code

The source code or the program for this project can be obtained from my GitHub profile.

Though the source code is written in Arduino IDE, the prebuilt functions are avoided for minimization.