Introduction: Catching a Snake Without Getting Bitten or Harming the Snake

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Hello, in this inscrutable i will show you how to catch a snake without getting bitten or hurting the snake.

I have some experience in catching snakes. My grandmas yard has plenty. I have probably caught over 60 snakes in her yard. Also we are close to the water so that may be also a factor in having lots of snakes. Enjoy!

Step 1: Locate the Snake (might Be Hard)

To find a snake you'll probably want gloves to move stuff and as a precaution in case the snake is hungry. You can use a stick to poke in pipes and move leaves. you might find one by almost mowing it or stepping on it as I've almost done. When you poke you can stop and listen for a rustle or it to come shooting out in front of you. Then you catch it. If you see it and it dives into a crack or a pipe, don't bother to wait outside, you may as well camp. Snakes take a fair time to make sure there isn't any danger. Also you can lift rocks but remember to put them back because some people don't like you messing up their garden.

Step 2: Catch the Snake and Handle Properly

Once you see the snake, stop still. Chances are that if you do that it will stop moving as well. If it's in a hurry, well we will get to that. Try and get it in the open. you can grab it by the tail and drag it/lift it to somewhere open. Do not worry this will not hurt the snake unless you do it violently. Then get you fingers behind the head and gently but firmly hold the snake so it can't bite you. DO NOT SQUEEZE! They may bite but it does not give you a reason to be cruel to it or harm it. By the way, this is a garder snake so don't try it on something like a python. If it does get the chance to bite you, you probably won't die, but do see if you can get shots. The worse that can happen is you'll get a small infection. The bite looks like 2 small paper cuts close to each other and doesn't hurt as worse as a paper cut.

Step 3: Victory!! (for You and the Snake Once You Let It Go)

Now you can get some victory pictures and let the snake go in a nice parkish area! The snake will scoot away and disappear quite fast. Now go get some more and get some experience, and remember have fun.

Please note, I am holding it gently and with three fingers like a triangle around the neck (it's whole body is a neck) just behind the head.