Introduction: Catfying Your Galaxy S2 With Sugru

Some weeks ago we had a Sugru Build Night at LHC (Laboratório Hacker de Campinas, a Campinas-SP hackerspace).
Well, I didn't have anything in hands that needed to be repaired, exactly. So I decided to exercise my girly side and catfy my cellphone, sticking some ears, paws and a tail to it :D

Here's what I used:
- My 2-year-old T-Mobile Galaxy S2 (SGH-t989) [you can probably use any phone of your choice]
- Red SUGRU!
- Random small objects to help shape
- My lack of skill for modelling stuff
- Bigger pockets from now on

- Clean your cellphone borders so the Sugru can stick better.
- Squeeze Sugru a little with your fingers before modelling, to make it softer
- Divide the portions in the beginning so it won't be too much or too few for any parts

Step 1: Ears

You'll need 2 small pieces (paws), 1 small strip (tail) and 2 larger pieces (ears). Shape the two larger pieces into triangles with slightly rounded borders. Squeeze the base of the triangles and stick them to the top corners of your cellphone.

Note: Be careful not to stick on the screen neither block your battery cover (so you can still remove it if you want to)

Step 2: Smoother Ears

Round the back of the ears and the top corner. Use some water in your fingers to make the surface smoother (I didn't, but later I found this tip and regretted not doing this). Put more pressure on the base corners (the ones glued to the cellphone), so they won't loosen.

Step 3: Tail

Roll the small strip leaving one of the sides thicker than the other. Squeeze the thicker side onto the bottom part of the back of your cellphone (in my case, the bottom of the battery cover), and follow lightly pressing the rest of the strip shaping a spiral or any shape you prefer for the tail. Press enough to feel it's attached and won't loosen with some rubbing (in your pockets)

Step 4: Paws

Make two little balls with the last two small pieces of Sugru. Attach them to the bottom of the cellphone, squeezing to fix them. Again, be careful not to glue it too much on the screen or block the battery cover. I slightly curved them onto the "screen" (the glass under the touch buttons), just to make sure the paws won't get out. Finally, get a sharp object and make two slits in each paw.

Step 5: Dry and Done!

Leave it drying for 12 hours or more, lying on a support in a way it won't mold the Sugru with pressure (in my case, I kept using the cellphone carefully and putting it back on the support).

You're done! You now possess a cute catphone (probably cuter than mine) and might enjoy searching for wallpapers that match your masterpiece!