Introduction: Cedar Fence Bat House

I've always loved bats flying around my background, eating up all the bad bugs and gliding through the air at night. Follow my instructions and build one for yourself!


You'll need:
5 pieces of cedar cut off.
3 pieces about 2"x4"
2 pieces about 6"x8"
Several small nails
Hand drill
3/4" drill bit

Step 1: Get Pieces Laid Out

Lay out your pieces and take accountability of what you have. I used 12 small nails total.

Step 2: Drill Hanging Hole

Select the piece you are going to use as the back of the house. Using the hand drill, drill a hole in the center of the board, about 2 inches from the top of the board. This will be used to hand the house on a fence, tree or shed.

Step 3: Attach the Sides

Start the nails by tapping them into the board about a half inch from the edge. This will aid in hammering them into the back. Line the side up with the back and hammer in the nails to attach. Turn the back around and do the same thing.

Step 4: Attach the Front

By using this same method, attach the front. You'll end up with box like you see below.

Step 5: Attach the Roof

Line up the roof piece with the back of the house. This will make sure the back stays flush with whatever you mount it to. You attach this in the same method that you attached the sides. I used 4 nails and drove them in the corners to ensure it held firmly.

Step 6: Time to Hang It Up!!!

Congrats on finishing the house, but what good is it if you don't mount it? I had a nail sticking out of my shed. I lined up my mounting holes with the nail and slide it on. The roughness of the inside of the house will give the bats someplace to hold on too while they sleep all day! Plus you get the added bonus of the bats eating all the bugs that bother you in the backyard. Thank you for taking the time completing the project!!

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