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Introduction: Ceiling Light With Pattern

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A cool ceiling lamp with a nice pattern!

Materials needed

  • (square) wood 'laths'(?)
  • wood for box frame
  • LED strip, with or without color
  • tracing paper or something sturdier
  • mounting bracket
  • saw
  • staple gun (optional)
  • wood glue
  • hot glue
  • white paper/paint

Mistakes made (way too many):

  • used only wood glue for the small connecting bits at first, a staple was needed
  • the frame was too shallow, so you'd see all the individual LEDs, so had to re-do
  • used wrong wood for frame, small bits of wood are a hassle to useused bend wood, so nothing is really straight
  • used color LEDs (I'm not convinced, I'll use just plain white LEDs next time)
  • made custom mounting brackets from bendable aluminium, which was way more effort than it was worth (just couldn't come up with a better way at that time)
  • tracing paper glued on on an angle so it wouldn't cover the whole thing (1st try), ripped tracing paper (2nd try)
  • burned fingers when squeezing tracing paper on hot glue

Step 1: Create the Cover With Pattern

I bought a bunch of square wooden bits at the local Bauhaus and just started cutting them up. A had no design in mind, this just happend.

Tip: use quick setting wood glue + a staple in the back so you can quickly get this done

Tip2: those corner clampy things didn't help as much as a staple in my case

Step 2: Glue Tracing Paper to Cover

To make the light nice and matte, use something like tracing paper or a matte piece of plastic.

Tip: this was the hardest part of the lamp, so fiddly and breakable. Take your time or choose a better material :)

Step 3: Build a Frame

Build a frame to put the leds in.

The back; I didn't have a big piece of multiplex, so I had to make do with some leftover bits.

The sides; I tried to build a shallow frame, but that didn't turn out well. So better do it right straight away and build a deep enough frame (8cm/3"?) so you don't see the LEDs all the time :)

Step 4: Mount It & Enjoy!

When it's all glued together, use some mounting things of your choice and mount it :)

I went the 'way to complicated' route and made custom brackets with bendable aluminium, drilling holes, screwing into plugs and all. Too much trouble.

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    4 years ago

    This creates a really nice effect! It looks nice where you have installed it. Great job! I know the camera can make stuff look wacky, but does the lamp have a pixel-ish quality from the individual LEDs in the strip? Considering something like this for my outdoor patio. :D

    David Bakker
    David Bakker

    Reply 4 years ago

    Thank you! And very true about the camera making stuff look different. Anyway, I needed to increase the depth of the frame so the leds are about 3" away from the tracing paper. Now you truly cannot see any pixel, leds or weird lighting pattern.


    Tip 4 years ago on Step 3

    I suggest you to use led strip or module with lenses because they have a wide light pattern and they don't trace the dots from the strip