Introduction: Binder Clip Checklist, Reusable & Pen-free

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A reusable, pen-free checklists for those tasks that don't work in a digital task list for me.

To make one, one picture and you know what to do, but just a couple of pointers:

  • The right binder clips
    19mm (3/4") or bigger binder clips make a nice click (so smaller binder clips not recommended)
  • Test with pen and paper
    Just use a pen to test your checklist, until you're sure that is the list before you open up the computer.
  • Print a list with correct spacing
    If you want to print a list, first make a list with increasing spacing between the items, check with that printed list which spacing works best for your situation, that make the whole list with that spacing (saves a bunch of trial and error).


  • Isn't it hard to change the paper?
    Yes, but it's for reoccurring tasks, so hopefully you don't need to change often. If change is required a bit more often, you could make the piece of paper a bit smaller.
  • What are the month and day indicators at the bottom?
    The left column is for weekly tasks, the right one for monthly tasks. On the first day you start the checklist you set the binder clip to that day and month. Next time it's the same day you know you should have done the weekly tasks and it's time to reset the checklist. When the month indicator is indicating previous month, it's time to reset the monthly tasks.
  • Why not use an app with reoccurring tasks?
    Yes you definitely can. But for me, the digital reminders always remind me at the wrong time and at the wrong location. Therefore a physical reminder helps for me.
  • Why not use a pen?
    I wanted pen-free :)

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