Introduction: Cement Dumbbells

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Needed a way to create some dumbbells for our home work outs, these work good enough until stay at home restrictions are removed.


I used coffee cans but you could use any container that you have laying around, a bag of cement, a broken shovel handle, screws and some smaller metal pieces to tie the screws together.

Step 1: Find a Container to Use

I went with the larger 3 lbs coffee container to get some more weight but any size container would work.

Step 2: Find a Handle to Use

I had a broken shovel handle that I cut into two equal lengths (14") to use as the handles. I added the screws and metal to hopefully give the cement to grab a hold of to provide extra strength.

Step 3: Mix the Cement

This is the step that I would do over again if I could. I didn't get a consistent mix every time I mixed the cement which caused my dumbbells to weigh more than 2 lbs different. I would suggest that you measure the dry ingredients after the first pour and copy those measurements to get a more uniform weight. I let the concrete dry for 24 hours before I attempted to fill the other side of the dumbbell.

Step 4: Get Creative to Pour the Empty Side of the Can

I used a couple nails and a string to tie my dumbbell against the wall while I poured concrete into the empty can. Make sure you watch the placement of your handle in relation to the center of the can.

Step 5: 2.4 Lbs Different

My three pound coffee cans weighed 31.4 lbs( no matter what that picture won't rotate) and 33.8 lbs after getting filled with cement. They have worked well in addition to the weights we have at home already. I also created some smaller dumbbells for my kids using a plastic cake pan and metal pipe. The metal pipe is easier on the hands and has a nicer finish.