Introduction: Cement Towel Plantpot

Hello everybody, in this instructable, I will teach you how you can make a beautiful and original cement towel plantpot. This is a short project, it takes about 20-40 minutes of work (in addition to waiting for it to dry), It’s a fun project to do as a family and you can use it as an awesome decoration in your garden.

Let's move on to the Instructable!

Hope you enjoy!


You'll need simple materials that everyone has at home:

- Cement (you will not need much for this project ~ 2 cup) (depending on the size of the towel).

- A small old towel.

- You need an old plastic bucket (to make the cement mix).

- Water.

- You will also need some disposable gloves (to avoid getting dirty), as well as a stick, to stir the mixture.

- An old plastic pot, the size you want your plantpot to be.

Optional items that might help:

- A big bottle of water (to let the towel dry, without touching the ground).

Step 1: Preparing the Cement Mixture

Put on gloves. Take ~ 2 cups of your cement and start crushing it with the stick to get rid of lumps and chunks, we need it to be as fine as possible, for the result to be strong.

Add the water according to the amount of your cement, I suggest a ratio of 4 cups of water for every 2 cups of cement, this is so that the mixture is very diluted and it is easy for the towel to absorb it.

The resulting mixture should have a wet appearance and be easy to mix. Otherwise, you can add a little water if it is less, and a little powdered cement if it is too much.

Step 2: Soak the Cement Towel

This step is very fun, what you have to do is insert the dry towel into the cement and stir it well, so that it absorbs all the cement inside.

It is very important that no area of the towel remains uncovered, everything must be well soaked in cement (except you) :)

Step 3: Place the Towel to Dry

Now it´s time to place the towel on top of the pot, so that it takes the shape of it.

As a suggestion, you can take a big water bottle, and place the pot on top, so that when you put the towel, keep the rounded shape at the end of the edge.

When placing it, you can make the folds you prefer in the towel to give it a personalized design, considering that the towel completely covers the pot, without leaving any gaps.

They should let the towel dry in this position, until it is very firm and looks dry. It all depends on the type of cement you use, in my case, I waited 24 hours for it to dry.

Step 4: It´s Complete!

After being thoroughly dry, all they have to do is carefully remove the plantpot from the big water bottle, to avoid significant pieces falling off.

Then you can make a hole in the bottom of the pot (with a drill), so that the water can be drained there.

After this, you can paint and decorate it to your liking, or if you prefer to leave it in this color.

As a last step, you can add some fertile dirt and place some decorative plants in it, and enjoy your new plantpot!

Feel free to ask me your questions if you have any! :)

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