Temperature Controller and Clock With Arduino

Introduction: Temperature Controller and Clock With Arduino

In image The thermostat is designed to control a recirculation pump of Central heating .

If you have a house located on the outskirts of the city, the choice of the boiler should not be an impediment for you. Although, the thought that scares it is not positioned close to the gas network, know that these fears are dispelled by the practical and reasonable solutions. The most efficient and most convenient solution is Thermo wood.

How does a wood?

A wood burning Thermo-stove fits perfectly to the needs of your home, especially if your House is not in the vicinity of a gas pipe prior to find out what are the advantages of a wood, below you will find out how it works. Wood heating is a heating system with forced circulation, meaning it runs on fuel. As a result of the combustion of fuel, produces both heat the House heating and hot sanitary water. On the market there are two types of wood heating: wood burning Thermo-stove classic combustion and heating wood burning gasification. The first works like a stove, direct combustion of wood, while the latter is based on the principle of distillation of wood. In both cases you need a dry solid fuel: wood or charcoal.

What are the advantages that you get if you equip your home with a wood burning Thermo-stove?

A wood burning Thermo-stove, though it scares you the fact that you constantly need fuel, is very efficient and economical. Therefore, among the advantages that include recommending it as a solution suited to your needs are:

1. does not depend on a network of gas-you control high upon her. Because it is not connected to the central network of urban communal gas or have a maximum control over it. First, Thermo is easy to use-automatic or manual adjustment. Secondly, no more knocking on the door no gas bill.

2. Do not consume a large amount of fuel. It's burning economic duration is long. Wood is a fuel with a very high thermal capacity, therefore, a wood-burning power plants at maximum calorific exploits and doesn't allow large heat losses. The only mention is tied to the quality of the wood: it must be very dry (humidity sub15%).

3.Has strength and long-term efficiency. The average operating efficiency of thermal power plant using wood is 25 years. Even though the initial investment, the greater the advantage you have is the durability in time. Berluni offers you practical solutions and quality in relation to price.

4.Usage simple. Thermal power plants are easy to use. They are designed with a simple operating system that allows efficient adjustment in start-up and during operation. In addition, thermal power plants are designed with a boiler combustion room, in which you can load large wood.

Step 1: Materials Required

Step 2: Watch the Videos!

Step 3: Create the Circuit!

Step 4: Upload the Code!


Step 5: Build Your Case!

Step 6: Attaches the Thermal Probe to the Duct (leaving Hot Water)

Step 7: Enjoy the Heat!!!

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