Introduction: Chai Spiced Pancakes

Chai Spiced Pancakes

I wanted pancakes, but I didn't want just ordinary pancakes. At the same time I was thinking of our Chai Spiced Banana Bread, that will be in our upcoming recipe eBook, and then I had a thought: CHAI SPICED PANCAKES! What could be better!? I've loved Chai for years, and now adding it into pancakes and other dishes, makes it even better! I just love the flavours, especially cardamom. It's my absolute favourite. If you love cardamom too, you'd love our White Chocolate and Cardamom Drink! Cardamom is also featured in our Chai Spiced nuts, and our Golden Turmeric Milk.

Chai Spiced Pancakes

The recipe is super easy! Pancakes were one of those things that I could never get right, but Josh is a pancake whizz! And now I've got the recipe down pat - they always turn out great and take no time at all to make! These are perfect for a lazy Sunday breakfast - or an after dinner dessert!

Chai Spiced Pancakes

Once you get up to the part in the recipe where you add the oat milk to the ingredients - you could use another plant based milk if you like, but we use oat usually - you need to use a whisk. A whisk will make the mixture nice and smooth. If you don't have a whisk - go and buy one! It's a great utensil to have in the kitchen! Did you see my sexy whisk? Josh bought it for me as a surprise present. Isn't he a darling!? (hehe - don't tell him I said that!)

Chai Spiced Pancakes

When making these Chai Spiced pancakes, be sure to use a non stick pan - it makes life SO much easier! Pour the mixture into the middle of the pan, around 10 to 12cm diameter and wait till you see bubbles form, then flip them over for about 15 seconds. Easy! We've even done a little video on how to make them! Check it out below:

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Step 1:

Add all ingredients except oat milk into a bowl and mix

Step 2:

Add milk gradually and whisk until smooth. It's important to use a whisk, otherwise the mixture will be lumpy

Step 3:

Pour some the pancake mixture into the middle of a non stick saucepan - make them around 10 to 12 cm diameter. Wait until you see bubbles form and then flip them over and cook for another 15 seconds

Step 4:

Pile them up on a plate (keep them warm in the oven if you wish)

Step 5:

Serve with your favourite toppings! - we put a sprinkling of cinnamon and cardamom on ours, with some vegan vanilla ice cream and some maple syrup! Makes around 7 pancakes

Top with your favourite vegan ice cream, add some extra cinnamon and cardamom powder, and drizzle with maple syrup!