Introduction: Chain Necklace

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Here is a necklace that I thought that I could share with you guys. I have had this pattern for a while now, and i also have different versions of it. Please vote for me in the homemade gifts contest. Hope you enjoy!!!!!

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

For this Necklace your going to need....

• Around 4 feet of Jewelry Chain
• 2 4 mm circular beads
• 3-in-1 Jewelry pliers
• 2 3 mm jump rings
• 1 lobster clasp

Step 2:

Lets start by cutting 11 inches of chain from your big chain, 9 inches of chain, and 7 inches of chain. Put them in a row from largest to smallest, like in the 1st picture. Connect each side with a jump ring.

Step 3:

Right now your going to make your center beads for in between your two chain links. Put your bead on your eye pin, with your 3-in-1 pliers cut about 1/2 of an inch above the bead, or like it is in the second picture. Bring your pliers down really close to the bead on your eye pin. Start bending your eye pin until it becomes a right angle. Such as in the fourth picture. Twist your wrist, and slowly wrap your eye pin into a circle, such as in the fifth, and sixth picture.

Step 4:

now your going to cut six 3 inch pieces of chain. Once you are done with that take 3 of your chains that you have just cut, and place 1 jump ring on one side, and 1 jump ring but also your lobster clasp. To do this open up your jump ring with your pliers, and put the ends of your 3 chains on the jump ring. Then attach your lobster clasp with it, and close your jump ring with it. Close it, and make sure that it is tight so that none of your chains come of. With the other side of your chain, open up your jump ring, and attach it to the end of your eye pin. Since you should have your 11,9, and 7 inches of chain all already attached to your jump ring. Take that jump ring, open it up with your pliers, and attach it to the other end of your eye pin, that is already not attached to a link of chains. Repeat this step for the other side of your necklace.

Step 5: ENJOY!!!

I really hope you enjoy this, and please don't leave any hurtful comments. If you have ANY questions just simply ask below. Tell me what you think, and send pictures! If you enjoyed this instructable please vote for me in the homemade gifts contest.

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