Introduction: Chainmaille Ornament

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I have been making and decorating ornaments for years. Instructable by: crazyman099
inspired me to make a chainmaille ornament as I have lots of random jump rings in various colours and sizes.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

Materials needed for this ornament are as follows:

-a large clear glass bulb (found at craft stores)
-assortment of crayons
-hair dryer
-two chain nose pliers (they have no grooves)
-random assortment of jump rings
-something to set your bulb in/on so it doesn't roll around

Step 2: Colour the Bulb

Take the top off the glass bulb. Put in bits of crayon. Think about good colour choices (such as blue, green, white).

Using a hair dryer, turn on the hottest setting and blast the outside of the bulb. You should notice after a minute or so, the crayons will begin to melt. As the crayons melt, turn the bulb around to allow the colour to spread. Continue to your liking.

Step 3: Starting the Chainmaille

Once your ornament has cooled down you can start adding the chainmaille to the bulb. Stick your bulb on something so it doesn't roll around on you while working on it. We'll do a basic 2-1-2 weave (two rings, one ring, two rings) to start. Start by opening some jump rings and closing some (for details on how to open and close jump rings - see note below). You can use what ever colour or size you'd like. First we will need to create a ring to fit over the top. Following the 2-1-2 pattern, create a ring of chain that is just slightly larger that the top of the bulb. In the photos above two white rings are used to one purple.

**Note on opening and closing jump rings**
Using both pliers (one grasping each side of the "cut" , use a twisting action to separate the ends. To close the ring, twist back until the ends meet. You should never be stretching out the shape of the ring.

Step 4: Chaining Down

On each of your two rings in the 2-1-2 pattern, add one jump ring (shown in purple). This will extend the chainmaille down the bulb. Add two jump rings (shown in white) to the single ring to build onto the chain. Continue to do this all the way around the bulb.

Step 5: Continue to Chain

Continue onto the chain going down continuing with the 2-1-2 pattern. Feel free to change up the colours (shown in blue and purple). Extend the pattern all the way around.

Step 6: Joining the Chains

Join two chains together with a single jump ring (as seen in black). Do this all the way around.

Step 7: Adding a 1-1 Chain

Using single jump rings, create a 1-1 pattern (one jump ring, one jump ring - shown in copper). Develop a long enough we chain so that it will drape between your previous chains on the bulb. Alternatively, you can purchase 1-1 chains that you can add. Just trim to size. Once you are happy with the length, attach the chain between your previous chains - attaching to the single jump ring that you added to connect your chains. Continue to make chains and add them all the way around the bulb.

Step 8: Finished!

Once you have gone around you are done! You can always add more chains if you want to, or can stop if you like the look. Totally up to you!

Happy chaining!

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