Introduction: Personal Clay Oil Diffuser

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Essential oils have many different properties. Certain oils help kill germs, some can trigger a sense of calm, and some can even help you through the dreaded cold and flu season. In this simple instructable, I'll show you how to use Terra Cotta Air Dry clay to create your own personal oil diffuser.

Step 1: Essential Materials

For this, you are going to need some essential materials.

Crayola Air Dry Terra Cotta Clay - Terra Cotta has the ability to absorb liquids and hold onto them for a while. Since it is an air dry clay, it can hold onto oil longer. I like the Crayola brand because it is non-toxic and produces little to no smell. Some of the other air dry clays out there smell very bad. If you choose to wear the diffuser as a pendant, non-toxic is the way to go.

Rubber gloves - The downside to this clay is that it makes everything (including your hands) red.

A safe surface to work on your clay

A straw if you want to make pendants

Things to press into your clay

A safe surface for the clay to dry

Essential oils

Step 2: Let's Start

Wearing your gloves, and working on a safe surface, take a small lump of clay and role it into a ball. Try to make it as smooth as possible. If your clay is a little dry, add a drop of water to loosen it up.

Step 3: Squish It Down

Squish the ball down until it is a flat oval or circle. You want to have a minimum thickness of a quarter inch. Any thinner than that and you risk the clay breaking.

Using a straw, punch out a circle for string (if you intend on using it hanging).

Step 4: Press in a Texture

Activate your creative side! Find an interesting texture that you can press into the clay. I used a woven placemat, and a brick wall. If you have letter stamps, you can press those in too. You could use a toothpick and draw in a design as well.

Step 5: Allow to Dry

Once you have finished your pieces, transfer to a safe location to dry. It will take 2-3 days to dry. Flip over the pieces everyday or so, to ensure your pieces dry evenly.

Step 6: Adding Oil

Once your pieces have dried (they will be rock hard), you can now place an essential oil. Take your favourite oil (in this case I am using lavender) and put a drop or two on the center of the clay piece. Allow the oil to be absorbed, this should take a minute or so.

Step 7: Breathe In

You have many different options where you can use your clay diffuser. You can use them as pendants or as room freshers. I am using mine in my car. If you place it by the windshield, the heat from the sun allows the oil to diffuse longer.

Just a word of caution: Do not add more than a drop or two of essential oil. It may become overpowering. Some individuals have allergies to smells and will react to strong scents.

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