Introduction: Chalkboard Work Space

With our current situation and many of us find ourselves working at home. I turned my plain old desk into a workspace giving me more space to work and create. So why have a desk when you have can have a work space?


Step 1: Desk Surface

All the steps are pretty straight forward. For this part what you want to do is lay out your Chalkboard decal over your old desk measure and cut to size. Don't be worried if you might need to use more than one strip if it doesn't completely cover the desk. A good tip for this step: If you need to overlap the chalkboard do it towards the back of the desk where you can hide it with decorations and things like that.

Step 2: Space Around Your Desk

A work space isn't just a desk. I put up this really nice calendar on the side so I can stay organized for the month. What I'm really trying to get across here is to think about the little tools you may need outside of a surface to write on. Maybe a wall clock or a shelf to hold things.

Step 3: Customize, Customize, Customize

Outside of school, work, programming, and drawing I also sell soap (inscrutable to come!) and record videos. So I added a measuring tape to size my shipping material and a phone mount to record my videos. This desk is really what you make of it! You can write out a time organizer on the desk or whatever helps you best!

Step 4: Cleaning

Cleaning isn't hard at all. When I'm done with something I wrote on my desk or calendar I either wipe it down with water or a make up wipe. Once a week I wipe everything down with Chalkboard cleaner.

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