Introduction: Change a Lawnmower Blade in 2 Minutes

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Here’s a short 2 minute video on how to change the blade on your lawnmower. In this case it’s a Troy-Bilt, Briggs & Stratton 675 Series, 21 inch blade. Like me, it’s old and beat-up but it gets the job done!

Make sure you purchase the right blade. Not all lawnmowers are the same.

I highly recommend wearing a good pair of gloves while doing this. (Ironclad)

Steps in order of appearance:

1. Remove spark plug connection.

2. Set a brick opposite the air filter.

3. Tilt the mower onto the brick.

* Clear/Clean any debris from shaft. This is not a step, just some advice.

4. Place a big clamp on any ridge/rim. This will give the blade a backstop when you start cranking the bolt that holds it.

5. ‘CRANK IT” and remove center bolt and the small locking plate. (Save both)

6. Remove the old blade.

7. Position new blade using the existing small locking plate.

*More advice: most blades today have an imprint to tell you which side faces the grass. If not check the packaging.

8. Hand tighten the bolt.

9. Rotate the blade clockwise until it touches the clamp.


11. Remove the clamp

12. Tilt the mower backdown and reattach the spark plug.

“That’s it; you’re a BOSS”


C Clamp, Gloves, Adjustable Wrench, Big Brick, and a New Blade