Introduction: Change and Fix a Broken Phone Screen (Samsung Galaxy)

Quite easy!!!

You can watch the video to see a rough demo of the steps; but still:

Common sense:

  • Get yourself a screen replacement (either online or your convenience store - won't publicitize anyone here)
  • Take the back cover out
  • Take the battery out, and then the SIM card
  • Remember to take the SD card out as well

Actuall "work" starts:

  • Unscrew the thing
  • once all screws are out, take the frame appart (first pressure, then push up)

you should be having on your hands a thin "sandwich" now wich consists on three layers, wich, for a lack of better description, we'll call:

  1. actual screen to be replaced
  2. LCD plus its frame
  3. raw circuits and pieces

Take 1, 2, and 3 appart.

Start disconecting 3 from 1&2. That means, disconnect the last layer opposite from the screen, so you can separate it. Make sure you don't leave anything connected. As well, the "buttons" may be simply stuck by glue, don't worry, unstuck them - they'll stick again! You are doing this because the touch screen is actually connected to the board of the phone.

Once you have the last layer, 1+2 separatedly, take a hairdyer and blow it gently to the screen. It will warm the glue and make it easier to take the screen appart from the LCD and frame.

After that, clean everything. Absolutely everything, make sure the new screen and the LCD are clean! Also, make sure u use a way or material that WILL NOT harm or scratch the products - and will not leave dust or remainings. Now stick your new screen.

Plug all the connections again, follow all the steps backward.

If you have connected everything that you disconected, you should have your new screen ready on your old phone!

The video I pulled together is from a Samsung Galaxy Ace that was run over by a car... and works again!!