Introduction: Charcoal Grill Blower

There are often situations in which you either do something as it was done for ever or just think for a moment and figure out a different way. This time it was all about a charcoal grill that needed to be started, without the use of much chemical kindling.

In this (very short) instructable I will show how this was done.

Step 1: Tools & Materials


  • Large plastic trash bag


  • Scissors or a sharp knife

Step 2: Preparation

What really needed to be done is to cut a 1cm (0.5 inch) triangle from the corner of the trash bag and voi'la the device is ready.

Step 3: Execution

Now when the bag is ready you just need to fill it with air, grab the open end and gather it in your palm.Then start squeezing the bag pointing the hole on the charcoal. It really works great, and there is no need for diving your head into the charcoal and risking the sparks hitting your eye.