Introduction: Workshop in a Wardrobe

Today I would like to write an instructable about a project I have made some time ago - (that is why it will be more of a post implementation document than typical as you go instructable)

Being a DIY person is not always easy, especially when you live in a relatively small flat without a place to work on your projects. I have always dreamed about having a place where:

  • I can have enough tools to make/repair most of home appliences
  • Will be very close to my apartment (ideally in it)
  • I will not have to clean it after each work session
  • I would not suffer working in it due to poor lighting, heating etc.

Step 1: Selecting a Place

In my apartment I have a big wardrobe, that covers an entire wall. It is the one with sliding door, it actually consists of three separate wardrobes standing next to each other inside. After some negotiations with the rest of my family (wife) it has been decided that I can use one third of the wardrobe for my "flat workshop". The advantage of placing a workshop inside a wadrobe is that when I don't have any more time to continue on my project one day I can just close it and everything will wait for the next session. One of the worst things is having to clean up everything in the middle and then taking everything back out.

Step 2: Materials

- Plywood (15mm thick) for bench, and 10mm for drawer front

- Steel corners (for supporting front board, and attaching bench to wardrobe)

- MDF (front board)

- screws (lots of them)

- Ikea drawer system

- Ready made tool holders

- LED strips,

- power supply (12V 4A),

- power extension cord

Step 3: Construction

After cutting all plywood parts into correct size, the first step was to attach the main bench to wardrobe sides using steel corners and screws. The vertical part is very important to support the bench and allow for some more heavy work to be performed. It is also attached to the floor of the wardrobe using steel corners.

The front board is attached to wardrobe sides rather than wardrobe back, since the latter would not be strong enough to support it.

The drawer is just simply a system from Ikea, with custom plywood front. The good thing about it is that it opens fully for easy access.

The lights are made using 90cm led strips connected in parallel. They cover the whole wardrobe ceiling, completely eliminating any possible shadows. Very important thing in workshop in my opinion.

After completing the main part it was just a matter of attaching the ready made workshop handles for tools, and some Ikea shelves.

Step 4: Conclusions

The project in my opinion was very successful. I am using this workshop for nearly a year now and I can say it has been a pleasure every time I had to do something in it. Some possible improvements, include attaching more handles (probably another set for holding more tools). I was also thinking of adding another drawer, for even more place to store some handy tools, and improving the organization of storage boxes on the left side. I highly encourage everybody to embrace thyself and not let small apartment stop you from doing DIY.

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