Introduction: Charcoal Infused Oil

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This isn't so much a recipe as a technique to create a brilliant ingredient to be used with other recipes (hey, maybe i'll add my own at a later date).

The technique was actually mentioned to me by a chef friend, and since I have seen the it used with a dish in an English restaurant (Ribeye Steak Tartare), naturally there are many more dishes it will work with.

Next up is the full video method, and as usual I've broken in down in "instructable" steps after that. Happy viewing!

Step 1: Charcoal Oil Video

Check out the full video instructable here!

Step 2: You Will Need: Ingredients

The following is essential in order to make the oil healthily and safely

  • A heavy bottomed pan with lid (cast iron is ideal)
  • 1 Large bottle of a natural Vegetable oil (something without too much flavour to mask the charcoal taste) like rapeseed or canola oil
  • Lump wood charcoal (no cheap briquette additives in my oil please).
  • Natural firelighters (again, we don't want any noxious flavours making there way into this, which would ruin the oil
  • A small grill to light the coals

Step 3: Methodology

  • First light your charcoal with you firelighters and a match or lighter, any way you can get the coals lit without covering them in chemicals in the process.
  • Whilst the coals are heating up pour the oil into the heavy pan
  • Once the coals have a white ash all over them and are very hot, using some BBQ Tongs take a large piece of coal and place it in the oil. The oil will smoke (a lot) so cover the pan as soon as it starts to smoke.
  • After many minutes, the smoke will have stopped and their wont be much heat on the pan so take the lid off and remove the coal from the oil.
  • Strain the remainder of the charcoal from the oil
  • Decant the oil into an a bottle our oil pourer.

Step 4: Serving Suggestions

Now. serving is almost the most important step, because you have an oil that, yes, does have a charcoal grill smell and flavour to it but on it's own it's still a little acrid. Once you pour it onto something like a beautifully seasoned steak tartare then you get that amazing mix of fresh, raw, flavourful meat with a hit of the outdoors' charcoal grill to boot and it's then you realise just how well this oil can work on some dishes. Beef Carpaccio, Chicken Salad, you can even mix it with other ingredients for a more palatable dressing.

That's the trick, once you've made this oil you can go out there and try it on lots of different dishes and ingredietns to see how far it will go..before you have to make some more! ENJOY!

Step 5: Video Channel

Here's another chance to view the video if you haven't already and below you can subscribe to my Youtube channel, if you so please :-)

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