Introduction: Keto - Chicken Pizza Crust

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After following the whole KETO diet scene for sometime I finally dove in with my first KETO recipe on behalf of KETO Challenge. A site dedicated to bringing you the KETO lifestyle in the form of some simple and amazing recipes.The first (of many? you tell me) is a chicken breast pizza base recipe - that works oh so well. Textures are great and flavours are amazing.


You will need:

1x Chicken Breast

Passata Sauce
Garlic powder, paprika and salt & pepper (spice mix)

Toppings: Ham & Mushroom

Also required:
Plastic Film
Chopping Board
Rolling Pin
Frying pan

Step 1: YouTube Video

Over the next few steps you'll be able to see exactly how we make this delicious KETO pizza but also we have a Youtube channel where you can see full video recipe process.

Step 2: Chicken Crust Preparation

Using a sharp chefs knife, butterly the chicken breast open (like a book) so it is of equal thickness, don't worry too much about the shape but aim for a round-ish look to the meat.

Cover with plastic film and using a rolling pin gentle hit the meat until it is much flatter and 1/2 cm in thickness. You can look to coerce the chicken breast into a nice pizza shape at this stage and even trim parts if you want it perfectly round.

Step 3: Cooking

Pour a tablespoon of cooking oil in a heavy based frying pan and heat up until the oil is spitting.

Carefully place the flattened chicken breast into the hot oil and fry for several minutes until the chicken begins to brown underneath.

Once browned, flip the chicken over and as the other side is cooking you can add your sauce and toppings

Spoon on some passata tomato sauce to cover most of the chicken and then add any toppings you wish to. We added sliced mushrooms and ham. It's a good idea to keep your toppings small so they are more manageable when slicing/eating.

Step 4: Melting Toppings

Add some shredded or small pieces of mozzarella to the toppings and the spice mix on top, then using a tray or a lid for the pan if you have one, cover the pizza for 2-3 minutes to allow for the toppings to cook and the cheese to melt.

Once melted and with the chicken cooked through (check internal temps with a thermometer to be safe, but the thinness off the meat will allow really quick cooking) remove from a pan onto a chopping board.

Step 5: Serve

Slice the chicken crust pizza into 6 or 8 pieces with a sharp knife or pizza cutter and serve. There you go! Wonderful tasty, KETO friendly pizza. You can do this one every week and mix up the toppings to keep it interesting!


Step 6: FOOD-D YouTube

Thanks for viewing our Chicken Crust Pizza Instructable.

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