Introduction: Charger Cord Organizer

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Make a Sugru cord holder to organize your device charging cords and hold them in place. 


4 packs of Sugru (5g each)
Popsicle stick and plastic spoon (for molding and cleanup)
small piece of thin plastic (as a non-stick surface for molding the holder)

Step 1: Build the Base

Use 2x 5g packs of Sugru for the base.

Flatten into slab for base, about 1/8” thick.

Note: this picture shows the base being molded on paper, but you will want to place it on the plastic.

Step 2: Build the Comb

Use 1x 5g pack of Sugru.

Roll into a cylinder shape, then flatten the cylinder into a rectangle.

Step 3: Form the Comb

Place the rectangle on the base. 

To form the comb, use a popsicle stick to make indentations in the rectangle to form the comb.

Step 4: Make a Perimeter for the Base

To make a perimeter for the base, take ¼ of a 5g Sugru pack and roll it into a long string.

Apply the string around the perimeter of the base.

Tidy the perimeter with a plastic spoon.

Allow 24 hours for holder to harden.