Charging Cable + Velcro

Introduction: Charging Cable + Velcro

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Welcome to this tutorial. I got tired of having my iPhone charging cable laying on the ground, every single time I laid down in bed, I had to reach out my arm to get it and when I was vacuum cleaning I had to lift it up each time. I made a simple "construction" and now I don't have to lift the charging cable up when vacuum cleaning nor do I have to reach out my hand to reach the cable. Follow along to see my solution.

Step 1: The Construction + Parts + Tools

So I basically have this big metal cabinet next to my bed and I thought as I, for a while ago, bought some velcro just for fun, I might as well use it. The parts I used where as following:

An iPhone charging cable (already had this laying around and if you are making this you will have that too.), of course any charging cable will do :)

A small amount of velcro (1-2$)

That's it, pretty easy. You will only need a scissor to cut the velcro to the size you need.

Step 2: Mounting + Finished

Really easy, just cut the velcro in a very small piece which will fit on the small charger and then put the piece on the metal cabinet (or whatever you are mounting it on) and enjoy. So simple.

Now that's all. Have great day!


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    6 years ago

    Great idea, thanks!


    7 years ago on Introduction

    I glued magnets on the cord ends to stick them on my tool cart in my shop. I've been wondering an easy way to fix some to my nightstand. This is one of those slap me in the back of the head so simple why didn't I think of that, lol. Thanks


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Hello neo71665,

    You leanrnt something from me, and I learnt something from you :) It is also an idea to glue some small neodymium magnets which are super strong and fix them to my magnetic metal cabinet :)

    Have a great day,