Introduction: Charming LED Flowers

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Oh! Lovely!

Ain't that the thought that pops up in your head at a glimpse of those mystical flowers?
Want to have them too?
Stay with me and learn how to make them. Neat and nice.

Step 1: Get the Parts!

Here's what you'll need-
1>Dozens of LEDs! Blue, Reds, Greens, White. More colours the better!
2>12V transformer. I used from an old torch. I added extra smoothening Capacitor too. You will also need Diodes if you don't have a bridge rectifier already.
3> Tools! Wire strippers, Pliers, sticky tape, scissors etc.
5>Fake flowers
6>Cutesy flower pot.
7>Few minutes.

Step 2: Wire It Up!

Typical White, Green, Blue LEDs have a forward voltage aroud 3.2 ~ 3.5 Volts. I have used 4 of these in series, Giving lowly 3V for each led.
Why? you ask?
Underpowering the LED Greatly enhances their life and also makes them more efficient....
This way, we can keep our flowers charming 24/7 for years to come!

However, the whole contraption is still so bright !, that it works very well (at times overkill) as night lamp. Infact, I have it connected it to an dimmer and toned it down at lowest setting :-)

Red LEDs are only 2v per piece, so i have 6 of these connected in series.

Attach a foot of wire to each string and connect all of these to the transformer, In Parallel.

Step 3: Arrange Lights Among Flowers.

Its time to play!
Your flower arrangement and decor skills sure will come handy.
Nicely hide the LEDs among mystical flowers so you see the glow, not any wires sticking out!

Try various combinations. Put colored LEDs near the flowers in way to make them flattering. Put White ones for a general, Widespread "Aura". Don't forget to experiment!

Step 4: Action!!

Turn on, and stand back.
Admire, Indulge, Praise and get praised for your neat light show.

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