Introduction: Cheap Hanging Candle Lantern

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This candle lantern is great as a decoration or to take camping and costs roughly $2.

When making your lantern, consider how long your matches are and how long your wicks will be, my wicks were really short and i could not light my lantern without using long matches.

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Step 1: Materials

You will need a few basic items that can be found around the house.

- Glass jar of your choosing (bigger the better).
- tea light candles.
- wire coat hanger.
- tin can.
- saucepan.
- something to cut the coat hanger with.
- pliers.

Step 2: Pull Candles Apart and Melt Wax

Firstly we have to take the candle out of the metal casing then the wick out of the candle.

After you have done this, bend a spout onto the rim of your tin can but be careful not to cut yourself.

Boil some water over a stove ready for the next step ?

Step 3: Melting and Pouring Wax

Place your can into the saucepan and cover with the lid of the saucepan. The water does not have to be boiling before you put the can in.

When the wax is completely melted, pour the wax into the jar and carefully place however many wicks you want into the jar of wax.

Place in a sink of cold water and allow to cool.

Step 4: Handle and Hook

Bend your coat hanger straight (leaving the hook) and cut the hook off with about a 5-6 cm stem.

then form a circle, bend 90degrees up, for your handle to desired length (remember when its lit it will be hot directly above) and bend down again. Put the end between the circle and the jar and form a loop (see picture).

Make a bend in the top of the handle (pictured) then bend a loop in the stem of the hook around the handle of your lantern.

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