Introduction: Cheap DIY Photo Box

Have you ever needed something to make your photos look better for your instructables project or just need proper lighting for your pictures, well you can use a photo box with can be made easily at home. Mine here not the best, but it is cheap and easy to build. So let get started


For this project we will need the following

1. soldering iron

2. Hot glue gun and sticks

3. Solder

4. Wire stripper or any improvable material e.g scissors or pliers

5. Razor Blade

6. Pen

7. Ruler

8. Carton

9. LED array

10. U.S.B cord and some extra wire to make the U.S.B cord longer

Step 1: Making the Hole for Your Led Array

Draw out the shape of your led array on the left or right side of the carton, but make sure it is a bit smaller than the led array itself so it can stay on top of the hole otherwise it might fall through. Refer to the pictures for more understanding. Then cut out the shape sing a razor blade or any cutting tool of your taste.

Step 2: Making a Slide

This is simply where you place your phone to take pictures. You can move your phone to an fro on the slide to take pictures

Step 3: The Front

Cut out the whole front of the carton just like in the pictures.

Step 4: Circuit

The circuit is pretty easy, it made up of only a U.S.B cord. i added some extra wire to make the U.S.B cord longer so that the photo box would not be too close to the power outlet. connect the (black wire) negative to the negative ( - ) of the LED array and the positive(red could be other colors sometimes) to the positive ( + ) of the LED array .

Step 5: Debugging

if the LED does not come ON

1. reverse the wire connection form the USB

2. check the voltage rating of your LED array it could be a 12V LED array.