Introduction: Cheap Efficient Soldering Iron Stand

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I bought myself a soldering iron and wire (because I got it cheap on ebay), but somehow could not get a stand for the same.

My search at the local market was not very fruitful, as most places that did have it quoted a price which was exorbitant for the quality of the item.

So I decided to use the soldering iron and meticulously rest it on random items, like fire proof electric tape, until I accidentally swung the iron and burnt its own wire. That was when I decided that I would have to make something myself... for myself.

Step 1: Acquiring Materials

I pulled out a toy from my childhood. Most of the parts had been lost over the years, but I still had the parts needed for my "project". My choice was made for me particularly because I needed it to be in complete metal.

Referring the chart, I pulled out the following items

  • SQ-25: 1pc of a metal board for the base
  • Screw: 12pc of 1/4" long screws + nuts
  • A-11: 2pc of a long metal strip
  • AB-2: 4pc of L-bracket with a varying screw slot
  • AB-3: 1pc of U-bracket
  • AUB-5: 1pc... This I could have done without, but used it because, well, I had it!!!

Apart from this, I needed the usual

  • Screwdriver
  • Spanner
  • Electric tape

Step 2: Assembling the Module

Assemble the module in the manner shown and angle the head with respect to the weight of the soldering Iron.

I attached Two extra screws on the base to balance the module.

Step 3: Finishing

Cap the head of the assembly with the fire proof electric tape for added safety.

You now have an efficient stand for a Soldering Iron