Introduction: Cheap Freddy Kruger Glove Make Over New Blades Looks More Realistic

If you have the cheap Freddy Kruger glove and you are so tired on that one and want to do a make over.

I do it for the blades so they look more real.

So you can check here what you need and i have a video where you can see when i work with it and

explain some steps better there i think. Any questions send them on the comments for the video and

i will answer them all. :)


Freddy glove, tinfoile 1 thicker and 1 thinner version, scissor, paper, pen,

Step 1: Fix the Blade

Step 1

Put a paper under the blade and start how big you want the blade to be.

Must be bigger then the plastic so you cant see the plastic. And this is

why you are doing this so you dont see the ugly plastic.

2 Take the tinfoile and make its so its double.

3 Then paint on the tinfoile how big your blade is going to be.

Remember use the top where its together so you only get 1

piece and not 2. Harder to glue and work with it.

4 Take the scissors and cut out the blade.

Step 2: Tinfoile on the Top

Now we got the blades.

Take the thinner tinfoile and glue on the top where the blade is not going to be.

When you have done that. Take youe blade and check so it fits. If not perfect

take the scissors to fix the edges til your happy with the fit.

Then you take the glue and put it on the plastic.

Just push hard and see that the plastic is not showing anywhere.

When you are happy with that. If you didnt put glue on the top of the

blades if you did them much longer put glue and press them togehter.

Step 3: Glove Is Ready

Now when you have done all the steps the glvoe is ready.

Sorry i didnt have all the steps with photo but when you

look at the video you can see more and i describe better

i hope anyway. :)

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