Introduction: Cheap Playstation 4 Wall Mount

I needed to wall mount my PlayStation to stop my 7 month old trying to pull it down whenever he could and looked for a simple wall mount on line and the majority of Wall mounts being over engineered and costing up and over of £40. There was also a lack of choice so I thought I would just make one myself. It came in just over £5.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

Time Needed:

30 minutes at most.

Tools needed:


Screw Driver

Drill (hammer drill if brick or concrete wall)

5mm Drill Bit

Spirit Level


75 mm Corner Brace x 4

Sheet of Self Adhesive Furniture Felt

If Concrete/Brick work; 5 x 20 mm wall plug with screw to match x 8

If Plaster Board; Plasterboard anchor and screw to match

Step 2: Method


  1. The PlayStation is 53 mm in depth so bend your Corner brace with around 58-60 mm space.
  2. Once you've bent all 4 braces you can cut lengths of felt and line the brace as pictured above.
  3. using a spirit level mark and drill the bottom sets of holes for the braces that will be holding the PlayStation.
  4. Mount the bottom braces and ensure they are level so that the top braces will be easier to measure and drill.
  5. Measure to ensure you have a snug fit to the top of the PlayStation and drill the next set of holes.
  6. mount the top braces and slide the PlayStation 4 in.
  7. If the PlayStation seems a little loose you could add pressure to the top braces and remount them thus gripping the PlayStation.

Please note; I know this isn't the most ascetically pleasing wall mount and this could be improved with heat shrink but I prefer function over ascetics.