Introduction: Cheap, Washable Wetjet Replacement Pads, Without Sewing

We've all seen the tricks to refill your Swiffer Wetjet with your own cleaners, but here's a cheap and easy way to make replacement pads.

I had heard of other people using towels, and figured I'd give it a try.  But the only towels I could find when I was out were $2-3 a pop, plus I had to buy velco.  AND I don't have a sewing machine, so it would be a lot of annoying hand stitching.  So I found another great source for the pads...


Specifically, mens, calf height tube socks.  They were $6 for 6 pairs.. so 50 cents a pad!  These were Hanes - you could probably find them cheaper.  With some careful cutting of the socks, you can make a cheap, washable pads for your swiffer.

Step 1: Remove the Scrubber Pad (optional)

I removed the scrubber pad, leaving behind the velcro so that it would help hold on the sock.

Step 2: Make the First Cut

First, we want to lay the sock across the bottom of the swiffer.  Align the toe with one side, and lay the sock lengthwise along the swiffer.

Make a short cut in the middle of the swiffer, about 1/2 the size the swiffer.  Err on the short side.  You can always make it longer, but we want the sock to be snug!

Step 3: Slide the Sock On

Slide the sock on by first placing one half of the swiffer in the toe, and then pulling the rest of the swiffer into the sock through the hole you cut.  Make sure the swiffer is tight against the toe.

Step 4: Tie a Knot in the Sock

To close off the other end, tie a knot in the sock & cut off the remainder.  Try to keep the knot snug - the sock stays on mostly through the elasticity.

Step 5: Cut Some Eyes!

Almost done!  The only thing left is to cut some small holes for the sprayers.  Don't even cut holes - just small slits.  They will open on their own. 

Step 6: Done!

You are all done!  The socks should be washable, though I am not sure how bad the cuts will fray.  I don't have a sewing machine and didn't feel like hand-stitching them over.  Suggestions?

If the socks are too thin, you could double them up to get a thicker pad.