Cheap Wire Hanger Microphone Stand (No Cutting or Taping Necessary




Introduction: Cheap Wire Hanger Microphone Stand (No Cutting or Taping Necessary

About: I'm 18 years old, live with my grandparents, and I'm hoping to get into voice acting. God help me.

I'm a YouTuber hoping to get into voice acting, I had a mic, but no way of mounting it, and as an unemployed 18 year old gentleman with no money to spend on a swivel boom, I needed a cheap method. So I searched around for different methods for making one's own mic stand, and I found a few that used wire hangers. These methods were ok, but they needed fine tuning to make them more cost effective and efficient in their design, so I made this!

Step 1: Step 1; Grab a Hanger

Any wire hanger will do, as long as you can bend it, and it's relatively standard in shape.

Step 2: Step 2; the Mouth

This will be the part of the stand that holds the microphone.

Grab the hook of your hanger and bend it into a circle large enough to let some of your mic slip through, but not so large that your mic just falls out

Step 3: Step 3; the Elbows

This step creates the structure that keeps the mic standing.

Bend the bottom part of the hanger like a taco, making sure to put emphasis on the bottom bar so you end up with a sharp angle.

Step 4: Step 4; Rising Up

At this point you should make sure the structure stands up properly, without any wobble. Feel free to tweak the design to best suit your specific recording environment.

Step 5: Step 5; Smaller Tweaks

I've found that bending the hanger slightly further than I want it to stay helps the process out a lot, as the wire always reverts a little bit.

Step 6: Finished!

All that's left to do is slide your mic in, and you're good to go, dawg!

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    Nice life hack. I love it when people find ways to solve a problem using only the materials on hand.