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Introduction: Cheap and Easy Fan Cooling Jacket

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Have you ever wonder if you can run back into an air-conditioned room while you are grilling BBQ? This Fan Cooling Jacket can help you! It is equipped with two battery-powered fans, which generates an air flow from the bottom to the collar and to the sleeves. It reduces your temperature by evaporating your sweat. The air flow from the collar also cools your neck, head, and face.

The objective of this instructable is to create a functional fan cooling jacket with minimum investment.

Step 1: Materials

  1. Windbreaker
    1. One or two size bigger than your normal size (I used XL)
    2. Synthetic fabric that are not wind permeable (I used nylon)
    3. Have waist rubber cord to tighten the waist to minimize the air escaping (see second pic).
    4. Have a wide opening collar so that you can direct flow to your face and head.
  2. AC jacket fan kit
    1. You can get any generic fan kit.
    2. Do not buy any that are operated with 12V.
  3. Fabric Adhesive
    1. Make sure it can glue plastic and synthetic fabric together.
  4. USB cable
    1. Any USB cable can be used but I used one specific for charging.
  5. Soldering materials
    1. Soldering Irons
    2. Solder
    3. Soldering stand with clips
  6. Plastic clear file
    1. Anything that can be cut with scissors.

Step 2: Power Cable Soldering

The kit has a power code with three 3.8/1.4 mm plugs. This has to be replaced with a USB plug.

  1. Identify the one that is meant for power source. Clip it and expose the wires.
  2. Clip the USB cable and expose the wires.
  3. Connect them temporarily and make sure the polarity is correct by spinning the fan.
  4. Solder them together and cover it with heat shrink tube.
  5. Make a knot so that they withstand pulling force.

Step 3: Support Rings

To avoid tearing of the fabric around the fans, it has to be reinforced with plastic rings.

  1. Cut out two plastic rings out of a clear folder by tracing inner circle of the fan-cover ring with a permanent marker.
    1. Make sure it snugly fit the fan. Don't make it too loose.
    2. Width can be 2-3cm.

Step 4: Attaching the Support Rings

Using the adhesive, attach the two support rings on the inner surface of the jacket at the lower bottom.

Step 5: Making Holes

  1. After the adhesives are somewhat cured, cut out a circle with a pair of scissors leaving 2-3cm margins.
  2. Make radiating incisions from the hole reaching the plastic rings.
  3. Apply adhesives and attach them to the inner side of the plastic surface.
  4. The petals should be on the inner side.

Step 6: Unstitching Seams

To cool your arms, you should have good air flow through cuffs. Unstitch the seams of cuffs and get rid of rubber bands that tightens the cuffs.

Step 7: Place the Fans in and Ready to Be Cooled

Place the fans in and attach the USB cable to a portable battery pack and enjoy the cool breeze.

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    Question 2 years ago on Step 1

    Do not buy any that are operated with 12V.
    why we should not use 12v?


    4 years ago

    It works! It is surprising how well the air flow cools you down. I made a cooling shirt like this a few years ago ad it worked quite well as long as the t shirt was wet. As soon as it dried, the shirt failed to inflate. Mine did use a small 12 volt blower glued to the bottom of the shirt. A nicad battery pack lasted a long time. The only change I would recommend is to put the fan in front , so you could sit or lie down and it would still work.


    Reply 4 years ago

    Good to hear that yours worked. Yes, it is kind of awkward to sit on a chair due to the bulk of the fans on my back. In terms of functionality, it would be convenient to have them in front. Thank you for your great suggestion!


    5 years ago

    Interesting! Is it comfortable and does it really cool down?


    Reply 4 years ago

    Yes, it is getting popular in Japan. The jacket works by generating air flow between your skin and the jacket evaporating your sweat. Evaporation, in turn, absorbs heat from surroundings. It works great if you are barbequing with no wind. If you are required to wear long sleeves in hot weather, such as working in apiary or cutting bushes, this works perfectly.

    Marty J
    Marty J

    5 years ago

    pretty interesting. Going to try this.


    Reply 5 years ago

    Let me know if you have any problem.