Introduction: How to Eat Cicada. Get Prepared for Great Famine!

About: DIY biologist
I always dreamed of eating cicada.


Environmentally Friendly. Unlike common livestock, which need huge amount of grains or grass to produce meat, cicada feeds on a little bit of tree saps due to the fact that insects are heterotherm (do not used energy to maintain body temperature). Endotherms (mammals and birds) convert large portion of their energy to produce heat in order to maintain body temperature at 37C or 42C respectively.

Ruminants such as cows produce large amount of methane gas, which is 21 times more potent greenhouse gas than CO2. And a cow can produce up to 130 gallons of methane a day according to Los Angels Time ("Killer Cow Emission" Opinion 10/15/2007).


If people start eating cicadas at once due to the needs for food or simply their good taste, you might drive them to extinction. They feed on tree sap while in under ground for several years (3~17). After they emerged from the ground, they last for up to a month. Fortunately, for now they are plenty.

Step 1: Materials and Methods

Materials Required

1. Some passion to eat cicada. If you can't find it, it can be substituted with great hunger or curiosity.

2. Bug catching net.

3. Vegetable oil and frying pan.

4. Salt and pepper.

Step 2: Catch Them!

It is easier to catch cicadas in relatively urban area where you can find not so tall trees (those in new parks).

Step 3: Get Ready for Cooking.

Take off wings from cicada. Oh, yes they scream!

Step 4: Fry Alive!

Heat your frying pan with vegetable oil.
Put the cicada in while they are alive.

Cook well, until they are crispy.

Step 5: Enjoy Your Snack!

Put some salt and pepper.