Introduction: Cheap and Easy Solar Cooker

Here are the steps on making an easy and affordable solar cooker.

Step 1: Materials:

  • Black Paint
  • Paint Brush
  • Plastic Wrap
  • Aluminum Foil
  • Any Box

Step 2: Painting the Box

  • The very first step is to paint the entire box inside and outside black.
  • Then you might wanna add another coat of black paint over it.
    • By painting another coat of black it would absorb more heat, causing for the solar cooker to heat up faster.

Step 3: Cover Box With Aluminum

  • Now what you want to do is cover the inside of the box with aluminum
    • You can glue the aluminum on there like we did so it can stay there and not fall off.

Step 4: Placing Plastic Wrap

  • Now, you want to place two sheets of plastic wrap over the box.
    • You can tie the plastic wrap to the flaps of the box so it can hold.
    • The plastic wrap helps to keep the heat inside the solar cooker.

Step 5: Now Get Cooking!

  • Finally, you place your solar cooker in the sun so it can begin to heat up.
    • By placing a thermostat inside helps keep track of the temperature of your solar cooker.