Introduction: Cheap and Lazy Nute Soup 15 Mins Done

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hi all, so one pot cooking at its totally basics. one chop with a knife, no fiddly temperatures.

all the nutrition of meat and veg and versatile enough to accommodate everyone's tastes.

really cheap, extremely difficult to burn and 15 mins from pan to man ( or woman )

to make this as i have you will need approx amounts as i do not measure exactly:

one small onion, halfed and peeled

4 mushrooms

3 cloves of garlic.

1ts pepper corns

1/4 ghost chilli ( for that warming feeling.)

1 ts of season all

300g cheap frozen veg ( the small little bits )

water to cover your given amount

1 packet of soya mince, aprox 25g dried

250 ml milk

bacon oil in the bottom of the pan is optional or a pinch of real salt as a substitute

so the method :

throw onion in the pan with the mushrooms, cheap frozen veg and garlic add boiling water to just cover the veg.

add season all, pepper and chilli

once near the boil or at the boil add the soya mince,

leave at the boil ( as long as it doesn't try to escape the pan all is good)

cook/ torture for 10 mins, occasional stir doesn't harm

get out the stick blender and attack the big lumps.

add milk and blend to hide your laziness and infuse all those healthy flavors.

and pour/ ladle into a eating vessel of choice.

pre pair to be amazed!

so in my vid i decided originally to add chicken gravy so it would have been a so lazy chicken and veg

but season all did the job lovely.

you can add marmite for a beefy veg soup.

cream for cream of veg.

jerk seasoning for jerk veg soup.

curry powder for you guessed it curry soup

basically any flavor you like.

This is very good to make when you have unexpected guests for dinner and need a bulker to a meal or just too lazy / hungry to wait.

i hoped you found this slightly amusing and it goes to show that breaking pretty much every rule for cooking can create something not half bad and filling and healthy.


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