Introduction: Kit Wine From Jam

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Hi all,

So I thought I would share this really simple way to create my version of a kit wine from jam! yes jam!

It started out as an experiment using the cheapest i could find. and 27p a jar is dam cheap jam.

i use 4 jars of full sugar jam.

I have found this to be the sweet spot for my kit. if you let it fully ferment out it will produce 17% but it will need time to age ( at least 3 months )

so to make this quick version i have stopped it when there is 5% sugar left or 12% alcohol.

you are going to need:

4 jars of jam

universal wine yeast,

yeast nutes or 50g of rasins washed and crushed to a pulp

1 gallon water container

some of the water from the water bottle ( waste not and all that)

a pan

stiring device

stove or other heat source.


6 wine bottles ( cleaned of course)

siphoning tube

please note the sodium metabisulphate on its own is not enough to stop fermentation only slow it down.

Step 1: Part 2 of Wine From Jam

The video pretty much explains everything but if you have made it to here i will just make sure that you know stabilizer takes 24 to 48 hours to dissipate once its added to your wine.

i hope you found this slightly interesting and maybe give it a go.

with all the different jams on the market the combinations you can put together and experiment with are almost endless.

i would suggest to start with the jam i used or the cheapest you can find.

if you have never made any home brew before you won't have a feel for how everything works and goes together.

removing the preservatives with a rolling simmer for instance can be tricky the 1st couple of times you do it.

to much and it goes everywhere and boiling sugar can be very dangerous, too little not all of the preservatives will cook off and your left with super sugary water toxic to the yeast.

have fun and if you do make this tell me what you think.