Introduction: Cheap Picture Frame.

This is a great project for Valentine's Day. If your tight on money and have some broken items just laying around. It will also be hand made, which is worth much more than just a box of chocolates you picked up at the little store on the corner.

Step 1: What Do You Need?

Items used-

-A broken clock (only the insides are broken)
-A picture
-A piece of colored constuction paper

Tools used-

-A screw driver
-A glue stick

Step 2: Takeing the Clock Apart.

After finding a clock that is about the same size as the picture you are wanting to use. Once found,  take the battery and the screws out. Be careful when taking out the screws if your clock has glass in it like mine does; the screws are the only things keeping it from falling out. Once all screws are taken out you should have three different parts: the frame, the glass, and the face.

Step 3: Putting in a Back Ground.

Once you gut the clock, arms and all, you want to make a back ground. Pick your favorit color, or the person your making this for's favorit color, out of construction paper. I just picked green, because I wanted to. When you have choosen your color start to fold it to match the shape of the clock frame you're using. You can cut it if you want, but I found it easier to just fold it.

Step 4: Finish It Up!

Finally, once you put in the back ground, just center the picture. After centering the picture glue it in. Then place the glass and frame back on. Lastly screw in the back, and there you go! You just made the perfect gift.

Thanks for reading y'all, please vote! :D
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