Introduction: Cheasy Bread Balls

an indian dilicious snack made using bread and spicy potato filling

Step 1: Ingredients

boiled and peeled potatoes
oil to fry
green chillies
chilli powder
chrushed mozzarella chease/chease slice
tomato sauce

Step 2: For Filling

chop onion and chillies
take some oil in pan and heat it on gas stove
put cumin seeds in it
then chopped onion and chillies
when onion get brown put potatoes in it and let them fry
and mash it continuesly
put salt and chilli powder as required
put some coriander in it
then take it out and keep it in a bowl to cool down

Step 3: Bread Ball

take a sandwich bread on one hand
dip it in water
press the bread by both hands to remove excess water but make sure that bread don't break
take it on your hand
place a chease slice/chrushed chease on it
put some filling on it and roll bread to make the ball
and squeeze it lightly
make as many balls as you want

Step 4: Deep Fry

heat oil in a pan
when it is hot enough
put the balls slowly in the pan
and let them fry until they change the colour to dark brown
take it out
and place them on tissue paper to remove excess oil
serve it with tomato sauce

sorry for not capturing good photos, actually we don't have good camera as well as photographer, but try it once you will surely love it

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