Introduction: Check Who Is at Home! Home Automation. Surveillance. Big Brother Tech. Raspberry PI.

In this instructable I will briefly explain how you can build a webpage to see who is at home or use the script for home automation.

You will need:
* A router with possibility to set ip-address on mac-address
* Family members or co workers using their phones on the same WiFi
* A web server on the same WiFi, preferably a Raspberry Pi ! ;)
* The Script

Step 1: The Router

Log in to your router.

Select LAN Setup (or similar)

Lock current MAC addresses for phones to solid ip-addresses.

Step 2: The Script. HACK!

On your webserver install fping ($ sudo apt-get install fping)

Create file ping.php.

Paste script: ($ip should contain real addresses)

See image above!

When run output will be:

Phone 1 Phone 2 Phone 3

If all phones are connected to your WiFi!

Use with care, and may the PI be with you!

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