Introduction: Cheese-stuffed Bread Pops

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I thought of these the other night, and wondered why it didn't already exist. Cheese wrapped in bread dough so that when the bread is cooked, the cheese melts inside. Sounds pretty good, right?

I did it with whole wheat dough and cheddar, and then again with serrano peppers kneaded into the dough, stuffed with goat cheese.
They were tasty.

Step 1: Make Bread Dough

Put some water (a little warmer than your finger) in a bowl with yeast, sugar, a little salt, a little oil.
Add flour until it's a nice, non-sticky dough consistency.
(Bread is not that complicated as long as the water is about the right temperature.)
Let it rise for an hour or so.

Step 2: Cut Up Your Cheese

Cheddar is shown in party-platter sized cubes. Soft cheeses don't need cutting, but can be just spooned in.

Step 3: Make Cheese Balls

Take a pinch of dough, about 1" diameter.
Roll it into a ball, then pinch it flat with your fingers.
Put a piece of cheese on it, then wrap dough upwards.
Pinch the side seams together so that the sides are smooth. There should be a hole at the top (not shown very well in the pictures) so that air can escape and the cheese does not just explode out of the ball.

Step 4: Cook

Cheese balls go in the oven at 350F on an oiled baking sheet for 20 minutes.
Make sure they're spaced a little apart; they will rise some.

Step 5: Hooray!

Put them on sticks if you want.
If you didn't leave a good enough hole in the top, you may have some cheesesplosions on your hands (see: the cheddar ones).

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