Introduction: Cheesy Eggi Veggie Club Sandwich

One large fresh tomato.

One fresh red or green pepper. Alternatively, you could use previously frozen, chopped up peppers

Five scallions or a large onion.

Two or three eggs.

Two tablespoons of butter and two tablespoons of vegetable oil.

Spices (I personally use what is called 7-spices, but don’t let that limit your imagination)

A pinch of salt (Optional)

Whole-grain pullman loaf bread (Pain de mie)

Cheese slices of your preferences.

Several lettuce leaves.


Non-stick pan

Whisk or a large fork

That's it !

Step 1: Before the Battle...

Dice the tomato, along with the peppers (Although it may prove better to slice the latter instead, for a tastier result), and the scallions/onion.

Step 2: First Up in the Pan: the Scallions/onion!

Start the stove up with a slow fire.

After melting the predetermined amount of butter in the pan, pour the oil, then dump the scallions/onion in and let them sizzle for around five minutes.

Step 3: Add Then, the Peppers!

Add the chopped up pepper and stir it all together for another few minutes, letting the delicious smell fill your nostrils and lungs in the meanwhile.

Step 4: Lastly in the Combo, Tomatoes!

Add the tomatoes to the mix and keep stirring the frying pan.

Turn up the flame to a high setting. It may take a little while for the tomato to cook nicely, and somewhat melt into the mixture.

Step 5: This Is How We Stir The.. Veggies?

The final state of the concoction is an exquisite harmony of aromas, and a strong clash of rich flavors!

To possibly improve the experience, add dried thyme, oregano or a similar variety of herbs.

Step 6: Don't Forget the Cherry on Top: the Eggs!

Whisk the eggs with your favorite spices added over them, and that pinch of salt if you decided on it.

Step 7: Finalizing the Sweet, Plump Creation

With the veggies out of the pan, spill the eggs over.

Let it all fry and coagulate together, into what is, seemingly, an egg patty! (It's just a glorified omelette, we're trying to be fancy here)

Step 8: Battle Formations, Everyone!

Cut the formed patty into what best suits the shape and size of the bread slices, all nice and snug.

Step 9: Lettuce Add Some Cheese, Shall We?

Cover each slice of pullman loaf bread with a lettuce leaf.

Add one (or more) slice(s) of cheese over each side.

Step 10: Almost There!

Drop the egg patty parts in a tidy formation over the two mounts.

Splat the mushy veggie juiciness onto the eggs, and smack another layer of cheese on top.

Step 11: *Super Mario Level-completion Music*

Voilà, a tasty burst of flavors with each bite!

And yeah, it does taste even better than it looks, if prepared properly of course!

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