Introduction: ChefBot

ChefBot is the best chef you will ever meet! He's easy to assemble and definitely worth the time. You can start out by downloading the PDF and printing out the outlines for your Chef Bot on two separate sheets of paper. He can cook you 5 star Gordan Ramsay approved meals in just a few seconds!


  • Robot outlines
  • Scissors
  • Glue or tape (Glue recommended)
  • Color pencils (optional)

Step 1: Cut and Personalize

Before you cut out your ChefBot, you can color the robot however you want! Be creative with it and make him one of a kind. When you have finished coloring, start cutting out your parts by cutting around the yellow highlighted lines.

Step 2: Fold

Start folding every line you see to a 90 degree angle allowing it to be easier to glue down.

Step 3: Assemble the Neck and Legs

For the neck and legs, roll them so that the two sides touch. Then using the gray flap, add glue, and attach it to the back of the other side. The neck should have a cone shape without a top.

It should look like the picture attached.

Step 4: Head

For the head, attach the sides together by adding glue to the areas that are shaded gray then attach the sticky gray side behind the corresponding piece.

It should look like the picture attached.

Step 5: Body + Arms

For the arms, slide them through the two vertical slips on the body. Then glue the body together similarly to your head.

It should look like the picture attached.

Step 6: Construct Your Robot!

After you have glued everything together its time to assemble the robot!

First, find your head and your neck. Attach your neck to the center of the bottom of your head.

Secondly, attach the neck to the center of the top side of your body.

Lastly, glue the legs to the bottom of your body in the center.

It should look like the picture attached.

Step 7: Finally!! Hooray!

Great job! You finished assembling your robot. Now it can cook for you! Enjoy.