Introduction: Cherry Blossom Cake

This is a beautiful dessert for any time of the year. It’s delicious and looks amazing. Great to share with friends and family.


Cake Batter
Baking tins (I used springform for easy release)
Wax paper
Food coloring
Buttercream frosting (Pre-made or Homemade)​
Strawberry Jam
Raspberry Jam
Lemon curd
Cake turntable (Optional for easy frosting)
Flower tip (I used a Wilton #104 tip)
Piping bags
Flower nail
Small circle tip
Grass tip
Frosting flower scissors
Spatula and/or icing smoother

Step 1: Make the Cake

Ingredients and Supplies
• Vanilla cake batter
• Food coloring
• Circle cake tins
• Mixing bowls and spoons

1. Prepare cake batter and preheat oven to recommended temperature
2. Separate batter into five bowls with one having majority
3. Leave bowl with most batter white and color the other four to your favorite colors. I used pale purple, pink, blue and yellow to resemble spring colors.
4. Scoop base white color in. (About 1/2 cup)
5. Drop spoonfuls (3-4) of each color onto white base and then add more white on top. (There’s no exact way to do this just as long as you are happy with the gradient)
6. Swirl colors together a little with either the back of a spoon or toothpick or other object.
7. Bake in oven for recommended time.

I made four layers for height.

Step 2: Prepare the Frosting

1. For the frosting, you can either use canned white frosting or homemade buttercream. I used both. The recipe I used for my frosting will be at the bottom.
2. Separate the frosting into 2 parts, filling and decorating. Separate the decorating part into 6 bowls.
3. Color about 1/4th blue, a little less than than green, less than a fourth brown, less than a fourth pink, a small amount purple, and leave about 3 tablespoons white.

Buttercream frosting recipe:
• 1/2 cup butter, softened
• 1/2 cup crisco
• 1 tsp vanilla extract
• 4 cups powdered sugar
• 2-4 tbsp milk

1. Beat butter and crisco together until smooth
2. Add in vanilla
3. Beat in powdered sugar one cup at a time alternating with milk
4. Beat until smooth
Adjust milk levels depending on how soft or how firm you want your frosting
I made a four batches of this recipe to cover my cake but amounts will vary depending on size of cake and how you use your frosting.

Step 3: Pipe the Flowers

For the flowers, you have to pipe them one at a time and then freeze until firm.

1. Lay out a piece of cling wrap and put one strip of purple and about four strips of pink frosting and roll into a cylinder.
2. Snip one side and put in a prepared piping bag with #104 flower piping tip array HES.
3. Grab a flower nail and a bunch of small pieces of wax paper.
4. Stick one piece of paper onto the nail at a time and pipe 5 pedals.
5. Put some purple into a bag with a small circle sip attached and pipe three small dots into the center of each flower
6. Freeze until firm.

Step 4: Frost the Cake Pt. 1

1. Place filling frosting in a big bag and snip the end
2. Place the first layer of cake on the turntable and put a layer of frosting on it
3. Pipe a circle of frosting on that and fill with first filling. In my case, I used raspberry jam first.
4. Stack next layer on top and repeat with next layers until you get to the top. Put a different filling or the same in between each layer. I used lemon curd for the second layer and strawberry jam for the third layer.
5. Coat cake with a thin layer of white frosting
6. Then place cake in freezer until firm enough to frost.

Step 5: Frost the Cake Pt. 2

1. While your cake is in the freezer, place your colors into piping bags and place brown with a medium round tip.
2. When cake is firm, take out of freezer and pipe blue on top of the cake and about 1/3 of the way down the side. Place green on the remaining portion. (Set some green aside) Smooth out frosting with the frosting smoother.
3. Place smears if white on blue to resemble clouds and smooth out.
4. Place remaining green into a piping bag with a grass tip and pipe around the edges.
5. Grab brown frosting and pipe up one side and on the top to resemble branches. (There’s no exact way to do this so just pipe until you’re happy with it) Also, pipe roots onto the base of the turntable. You can add some more grass to give it more detail.
6. Grab a fork or something with a point (I used a corn holder) and scratch lines into the tree to add detail.
7. Grab flower scissors and remove flowers from the freezer. One at a time, pick up flowers from wax paper and place on cake. Place them on and at the ends on branches. Add as many as you like until it looks good.
8. Grab pink and purple piping bag with flower tip and pipe some flowers around the trunk of the tree to resemble falling pedals.

Step 6: Take Photos and Enjoy

Now that you have a beautiful cake, go take some beautiful photos and share with your friends and family. Then, gather some friends and/or family and enjoy your creation. The sweet flavor of the frosting and cake mixed with the savory fruit flavors create a burst of flavor that your friends and family are sure to love.

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