Chess Table

Introduction: Chess Table

How to do a chess table....

Step 1:

You have to buy playwood and cut the borders curve.....then you have to make a square in the middle of 64 square where is gonna be the squares of wodden panel....

Step 2:

Then you have to cut the wooden panel of 8x8 2"x" 32 of maple and 32 of nogal.... then you have to paste the squares with glue and then you have to put a piece of paper over and pass the stream iron to paste it good and for finish the table you have to sanding all...

Step 3:

To do the legs you have to buy a tube, make the holes and then baze it

Step 4:

then you have to paint the legs and that's it!!!

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    7 years ago

    Nicely crafted and very cool idea, except for one major flaw. In chess(and checkers) the lighter square is ALWAYS oriented to the near-right corner of both players. You need to rotate the board 90° to play a proper game.


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    White on right and queen goes on her own color. (Chess setup)