Introduction: Chest of Drawers With 3D Fronts

I got the idea for this build from many 3D wall arts that can be found all over the internet.

For this piece, you'll need:

-melamine boards (i chose walnut colored because it's in contrast with the maple I'll use for the fronts)

-solid maple wood for the fronts,

-solid walnut wood for the base,

-5mm thick MDF board for the back.

For tools, you'll need:


-biscuit jointer

-table saw



-other small tools.

Step 1: Making the Main Body and Drawers

I bought the boards already with edge banding, but if you can edgeband yourself it works just as well. Just remember with parts have to be edgebanded and witch are not. I sued 18mm thick boards

The body is 1m x 1m x 0.4m big and the top and bottom boards are on the outside (1m x 0.4m), left and right ones are on the inside (0.968m x 0.4m).

All board need a grove in the back for the MDF panel (back). The side ones can be made with a table saw, top and bottom ones need to be made with a router, because the grove needs to stop on both ends before the edge. Make sure that the grove is 5mm from the back and 5mm (or however thick MDF board you have) wide.

To join all the board I used a biscuit joiner but you can also use dowels but it's easier using biscuits.

the drawers are made the same way as the body, except smaller (size depends on the drawer pulls you use) and the front and back sides are cut on the bottom so that the bottom (also 5mm MDF board) could be just slid in. Make sure that the left and right boards cover the ends of the front and back boards.

When you're choosing drawer pulls keep in mind that you need TIP-ON style ones (meaning that you just push on the drawer and it opens) because of the nature of the front (and it would ruin the style) we can't install handles.

Step 2: Making the Base

The base is made out of walnut so that it blends in with the body, but still remains strong.

there are 4 feet (plan for them in the picture) and they are simply connected together. Nothing special. The base in connecter to the body with some strong screws from the inside.

Step 3: Drawer Fronts

For this step, you'll need a CNC if you wanna make the same ones as I did, but they could be also made by hand with an angle grinder.

Using the picture you can make relief in the CNC program (i used vector aspire), cut that into 4 pieces (-1.5mm on each side for the gap between the fronts) and use the relief command in the program to make them. I used 8mm straight bit and 6mm ball nose bit.

If you have a big enough CNC machine you can make the whole panes in 1 go, but i don't, so i had to make each front individually + I had to move them a bit because it couldn't make the whole one in 1 go.

The fronts are finished with 3 coats of nitro varnish and secured with screws.

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