Introduction: Chewing Gum USB !!

Welcome to another of my awesome USB case mods !

This case mod allows you to sneakily conceal your USB in a chewing gum packet, apart from being super-mega-awesome-cool this mod will stop all those annoying classmates who always borrow your usb, (you know, the ones that don't delete their files afterwards)
When they ask simply reach into packet and retrieve your "chewing gum" !!

This is really easy and the finished product can be achieved in around 10 min !

Hope you like it !!

Step 1: Obtaining USB, Cardboard, Gum !

Well its obvious, but for this project your probably going to need a USB
My USB had already lost its case (hence the 'ible) so i didn't need to remove one.

If your USB is still i its plastic coffin then grab a craft knife and gently pry at the edges, this will pop the little clasps, now slowly lift the top and it should also pop off.

For this 'ible you will also need a section of cardboard approximately 4 inch by 4 inch.
Surprisingly enough you will also need a pack of Chewing Gum !

Onwards to step 2 !!

Step 2: Cutting the Cardboard

Ok now we have the materials we can start making the case.

Rest the Gum packet on the cardboard and using a pencil draw around it. Now remove the Gum packet and using a craft knife cut along the lines you drew

(dont cut your nice wooden desk though, if you do, using a dremel to try to buff it out DOESN'T work, it gets much, much worse) :(

Step 3: Packet Surgery

Now we have the cardboard we need to open up the packet.

We don't want to tear it open so grab a craft knife !! NOT by the SHARP bit !! oh jesus go get a plaster, and then follow the pictures for more detail.

Step 4: Dividing Forces

Now you have cut the packaging you need to size up and cut the cardboard so it will fin in the body and cap sections.

Step 5: Fitting the Usb

You cant just shove the USB between the cardboard so we need to use our craft knife careful now to hollow out.

Cut the top layer of the cardboard off and then place the USB in the hole, if it doesn't fit cut out more space.

When you have the right size hole use some glue to attach the two sides of the cardboard together.

Step 6: Fitting Into Pack

Because you measured the cardboard before you cut it at the beginning it should slot right in to the empty packaging. if it doesn't, use your craft knife to cut little bits off the edges until it fits.

When the cardboard does fit put a little bit of glue on the outside so that the packaging wont slide off.

Step 7: Finito Completo !

Let out a yelp of joy because you have now finished the USB Chewing gum case mod !

Thanks for making/reading my instructable, i hope you liked it !!
Leave a comment and tell me what you think !

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