Introduction: Chic Candle Holder (polygon Style)

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I'm in love with interior design. I enjoy dressing up my home and changing the decoration periodically. To do so I know details make a huge difference, that's why I love simple DIYs with a beautiful result.

Step 1: Materials

Crystal beads

Gold jewelry wire

Jewelry pliers

Tea candle holder

Tea candle

Step 2: First Side

Cut a 10 inch wire piece. Use your pliers to make a double loop on one side. Introduce 5 crystal beads from the other end of the wire. make a double loop again to hold those 5 pieces in place.

Step 3: Square Shape

Put 5 more beads in the end of your wire and make another double loop and continue this until you have 4 sides with 5 beads on each. In the last side join the end with the first loop you made by twisting it around the bottom of the loop twice. Cut the extra wire.

Repeat this until you have 6 squares.

Step 4: Assemble

Place 5 of your 6 squares as shown in the picture #1. Link up the unions with a little piece of wire. You can use this wire or one thinner and more flexible one. You will now have a bowl shape where you can put your candle holder and tea candle inside. Close your shape with the 6th square on top holding the corners with wire as you did before.

Step 5: Light Up and Enjoy!

Even without fire your candle holder reflects a lot of light and when you light it up you'll be mesmerized with the view!

Enjoy your new decoration!

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