Introduction: Chick Pea Snack

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An easy snack with very less effort with chick-peas (Called Chana in Hindi Language).

Audio is in Hindi, but the steps and ingredients are mentioned in English language for people around the globe :)

Lets start with the ingredients:


1. Chick Peas : 1 Bowl (Soaked Overnight)

2. Tomato

3. Coriander Leaves

4. Onion

5. Oil (Olive or Sunflower)

6. Green Chili

7. Red Chili

8. Coriander Powder

9. Turmeric Powder

10. Red Chili Powder

11. Salt

12. Chat Masala (Optional to get Tangy taste)

13. Garam Masala

14. Cumin Powder

Step 1: Lets Start With Basics

  • First lets boil the Chickpeas for about 2 whistles if you have pressure cooker. Else boil in a normal vessel until they are soft

Now, as the chickpeas are well done.

  • Lets begin making Chickpeas snack by taking Oil in a preheated pan
  • Once the oil is warm enough, add Onions into it and fry it well
  • Once the Onions have changed its color, add Green and Red Chili in it and saute it well

Step 2: Making of the Masala

  • As the onions have cooked well, we will add all the remaining spices in it and fry it again and cook it for about 3-4 mins.
  • And once the spices are fried well, we will proceed with adding tomatoes and coriander powder in it and cook for 5 more minutes

Step 3: Adding Chickpeas in the Masala

  • The spicy masala once cooked well, its ready into which the boiled chickpeas has to be added along with some water
  • Cook it well, until the water evaporated and the masala gets into the chickpeas
  • If you need it more lemony taste, add a bit of lemon juice in it (Optional step)
  • Cook it further more for 2 mins, and the Chickpeas chat masala is ready to be served.