Introduction: Ghost Bride


Chicken wire 25ft
Needle nose pliers
Wire cutters
2 large plastic bags ( huge)
Old veil or mesh material
Fake flowers
White mask

I Had all of this except the veil which I scored at the thrift shop for 2.00 , this seriously was the cheapest prop and the coolest I've ever made , of you had to buy the materials I'd say you'd spend 23 -30 dollars unless your lucky and crafty like me which my total came out to 2.00 dollars that's it !!

Step 1: Molding Upperbody

Start by using a styrofoam head , clip about 2 or 3 feet encircle chicken wire around, use your needle pliers to secure the fence where u want it after removing the styrofoam head. Remember if you wrapped it twice around that's great !! It'll keep your shape in better,

The body was done with a body pillow , ( hence no arms), pillow is excellent for molding because you can make it bigger and smaller depending on what you want the final results to be.

Arms: iam super lucky because I have mannequin hands laying around from a past project , all I did basically mold the arms w/out hands with chicken wire, cut around it, and secure ends. Together about 3/4 of the way, ( this will help you secure the arms very naturally on to the torso)

Step 2: Details Details

I obviously wanted to make my ghost as feminine as I could so I started tying strips of plastic all around back of the head working myself upwards to make it look more flowy and natural , I started tying the plastic strips because I think it would be better in inclement weather , more so than gluing or messing with other stuff, I just wanna know that if my prop gets wet it's not gonna look crazy or get too heavy and fall off.

Now start joining the head mold and the neck, use your needle nose pliers and tighten it good make sure and go around make sure they're good and secure.

Step 3: Dress Making

This I thought was gonna be the awesomest, simplest part of this project, and boy was I wrong..... like crazy wrong how people make these things stands is beyond me! Sorcery I tell u!!!! Nevertheless I got two strips 4 foot by 4 each use tie needle nose plier and put them together make a cylinder like shape ,and start shaping by scrunching and cutting , once it wan stand try adding the torso and again use your needle pliers for this, now you'll notice the whole form doesn't seem very sturdy all, so what I did was I added chicken wire a second layer in to the dress, again use your needle nose pliers and again form a layer around the dress secure all the ends of the chicken wire together, remember add as many layers as u want, the more you add the sturdier it will be, now start cutting those jumbo bags vertically and start tying them strip by strip around the waist , the strips don't have to be perfect, the crazier the better, once you go around you can add more bags to fill in gaps, when your done it'll make an awesome ethereal looking dress . The top of the dress is simple gauze around the torso tie it in the back with a simple knot.

Step 4: Veil and Flowers

For the veil it's pretty easyyyy, put it on the top of the head and secure with wire that comes with the chicken wire, I weaved it between head firm and veil, looks pretty cool and it'll be super sturdy, I also found a roll of white meshy material on my stash I simply draped it in top of the entire bride, it gave a more eerie , effect and it'll trap more light coming from the spotlight, I also weaved wire through the head form and the mesh so that it'll keep itself in place , for the flowers, I simply added white flowers (any color) will do, secure both hands and flowers with wire so that it can hold the flowers securely in place.
You can add some wire to the hands dress and upper body to secure her and make her a little stronger, do the same with her back and the dress part , kick her upright even when it’s super windy.
Now add the mask, this one I found at a dollar store, and your done!

Step 5: Spotlight

On this one we had to play around with it , inside the dress , spotlight straight on it , green light, white light etc. Once it gets closer to oct1 it'll go on our graveyard! Happy hauntings!

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