Chicken and Cheese Quesadilla

Introduction: Chicken and Cheese Quesadilla

This is a great quesadilla and you need to try it

Step 1: Pan

Heat Iron skillet at medium high heat

Step 2: Butter

Melt butter in pan

Step 3: Tortilla #1

Place first tortilla

Step 4: First Set of Cheese

Cover the first tortilla with cheese

Step 5: Chicken

Evenly distribute chicken

Step 6: Onions

Evenly distribute Onions

Step 7: Bacon Bits

Evenly distribute Bacon bits

Step 8: Pepper

Evenly distribute Peppers

Step 9: Hot Sauce

Evenly distribute Hot sauce to your liking

Step 10: Second Layer of Cheese

Cover all the ingredients with a nice layer of cheese

Step 11: Tortilla #2

Place second tortilla on second layer of cheese

Step 12: Cooking and Plating

Cook each side until golden brown
Place it on plate

Step 13: Cutting

Cut into fourths and enjoy

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    5 years ago

    So how much butter are we supposed to melt? 1/4 of a stick or 7 sticks?


    5 years ago

    These are great snacks, easy and fast to make :)