Introduction: Kids (house) Bed Frame

Hi! Welcome to my instructable on building an house type bed frame. I hope to inspire you to pick up some tools and make stuff. :)

This project came about when my daughter was starting to sleep in a bed of her own, I wanted to make something cozy and inviting for her.

Step 1: Materials - Getting Started

I chose to build the bed frame out of 45x45mm wood. The matress measured 1600x700mm and I pre-cutted the pieces for an easier build. I used 70mm wood screws to assemble the frame.

4x1600mm - sides
4x700mm - ends
4x1050mm - corner poles
1x1600mm - roof-ridge
4x560mm - truss

Step 2: Assembling Pt.1

I pre-drilled the pieces so the wood wouldn't crack. Then I used some big block Legos to keep my assistant busy while I put the frame together.

Step 3: Assembling Pt.2

I used a 45x45mm for the roof-ridge, so the stuss pieces needed to be cut at 45 degree angles. I highly recommend a mitre saw for this, it makes the process so much easier. But of course you can do it with a regular hand held saw.

Step 4: Finishing Touches

When all was put together I used a sanding machine to smoothen out rough edges and to get rid of splinters.

Then I decorated the frame with some lights to get that cozy wibe :) I will also add some fabric in the future.

Thanks for watching! :)